Some families unexpectedly find themselves separated from a natural nursing experience with their newborn baby during the early days and/or weeks following birth.


There can be many reasons for these unexpected interruptions. Some of these reasons can include a premature birth, a baby who is receiving special care in a hospital's intensive care nursery (NICU), a baby who is not yet repeatedly latching correctly or successfully, a very jaundiced infant, a baby who continues to lose weight despite seemingly good nursing, or extremely painful breasts/nipples.​


Starting from within hours of birth, the days and weeks that follow are a very important time as mom's body, breast and brain work together to establish a successful milk supply for the new baby!​

One of the best ways to establish a plentiful milk supply during this critical time is to repeatedly stimulate the breast using an industrial-strength, dual-motor, "hospital grade" breastpump. These types of pumps are very costly (prices range from $600 to $2,400 each) and are usually not purchased, but rented for only the amount of time needed. After successful lactation has been established and the daily milk yield is plentiful, many will then switch to a personal-use pump to continue to meet their pumping goals.



I rent hospital-grade pumps with rates by the Week or by the Month.  (A pump kit is required to use a rental pump.)

Symphony Plus by Medela

Medela's 2-phase expression technology. Proven to reduce pumping time through faster let-down to remove as much milk as a breastfeeding baby. Includes re-chargeable battery for portable, ease of use.

$15.00 per week

$60.00 per month


Medela Pump Rental Kit ($52.99)

A comfortable, personal kit for double or single pumping with a Medela Symphony or Medela Lactina breastpump. Sterile, ready-to-use kit, includes:

  • (2) small colostrum containers

  • (2) small breastmilk bottles

  • (2) sizes of pumping breast flanges (24mm & 27mm)

  • (2) tubings

  • (2) symphony caps with covers

*All parts are available for individual sale. Please contact Shannon for additional information. Other types of kits are available as well as individual parts.

PJ's Comfort Pump

$15.00 per week

$60.00 per month


PJ's Rental Kit ($61.95)

Sterile, ready-to-use kit, includes:

  • (2) Sof-touchTM silicone cups

  • (2) white braces

  • (2) BPA free bottle caps

  • (4) four silicone gaskets

  • (1) tubing with "Y" adapter

  • (2) 1-micron filters

  • (2) BPA free storage containers

  • (1) collar with disc

  • (1) clamp

  • (1) cleaning brush

  • (1) pink mesh bag for storage

*All parts are available for individual sale. Please contact Shannon for additional information.



Hygeia Personal-Use Pump Kit ($44.99)

  • (2) Medium (25mm-27mm) Flanges

  • (2) 40″ Tubing

  • (2) Mother’s Milk Storage Containers 4 oz.

  • (2) Duckbill Valves

  • (2) Storage Container Caps/Feeder Cups

  • (2) Rings

  • (2) Narrow-Neck Container Adapters

  • (2) Ring Covers

  • (1) Container Holder

  • (1) Bacteriostatic Filter

  • (1) Hand Pump

*All parts are available for individual sale. Please contact Shannon for additional information.


I am a certified dealer for Medela, Hygeia, and PJ's Comfort Pumps.


I carry a complete product line of hard-to-find sizes of many pump parts and accessories, including items for the working mom!


My prices are very competitive to other local retail vendors. However, due to contractual restrictions by Medela, I am not allowed to advertise my prices on the most popular pump models (Freestyle, Pump in Style, Pump in Style Advanced, Metro, Swing) online.


Because I am an allied health care provider, I do not have to collect sales tax (a significant savings) if you have a written prescription from your doctor for a breastpump at the time that it is purchased. ​I can also process your pump purchase through a Health Savings account.

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