What is included in a Lactation Consultation?
  1. Your questions and/or concerns are fully discussed.

  2. There is a comprehensive review of your pregnancy, birth and postpartum history, as well as many lactational specific aspects of your health.

  3. Your baby can be undressed and weighed on a medical-grade scale. (A medical-grade scale is extremely accurate and consistent to within 2 grams.)

  4. Your breasts are examined and your baby's mouth is closely evaluated for sucking function.

  5. A feeding is observed and assistance with latch is provided as desired, and/or indicated, while suggestions for improvements are made.

  6. Your baby may be weighed before and after the feeding to learn precisely how much milk your baby drank from your breast during the feeding.

  7. A lactational plan of care is decided upon in order for you to meet your breastfeeding goals.

  8. A complete report of the visit is sent to both your doctor and to your baby's doctor.

  9. Follow-up communication (relevant to the initial consultation) is always included at no additional charge.