I came to you about 4 years ago due to painful breastfeeding and mastitis. My 6-week-old baby, Faith, had a lip and tongue tie and was not latching well. You helped guide me to how to get her issues taken care of and what to do to help with the mastitis. I am so grateful to you for helping us resolve our issues so we could continue breastfeeding. Faith just turned 4 years old and still breastfeeds for comfort and security. It has been a beautiful bond in our relationship and I know that if weren’t for your help we would have probably given up. Thank you so much for the service you provide!
Mrs. L, College Station

"Shannon,  Just wanted to send you a note to say thank you again for everything you did to help me on my nursing journey. My son is now 3 and weaned at about 35 months (although with much intervention by me I have to say)! I'm very proud and happy though every day I'm told what a big healthy looking child I have! You are an inspiration and are doing such important work!!!  Much love and thanks,  --Debbie, Bryan


"Shannon was a nurse at the hospital when my son was born. As a first time mom getting started breast feeding felt a little daunting but Shannon was so encouraging and helpful. I could tell right away she knew what she was talking about. You can tell how much she loves babies and moms and that she's passionate about what she does. Meeting Shannon and getting help from her was one of the best experiences I had at the hospital. I attribute those first couple days with her help to what made a successful breast feeding journey for my son and I, and even gave me confidence for my second born too! She made such an impact that after running across her webpage today, I'm actually writing this feedback 3 years after meeting her!"

~ Stephanie H, Bryan


"Thanks again for everything. Words cannot express how much I appreciate your help and support. The news that I would have to quit nursing was the most devastating part of this whole ordeal. And you helped give that back to us, to my baby. I think about...how we might have never gotten all this back without you. You're an angel! Thanks again. Talk to you soon."

​~ Lindsey R, Madisonville


"When my son was born, he was very small (4 lbs., 4 ounces). After a few days in the hospital, it was apparent that he was going to be in the NICU for awhile, so I called Shannon for help. She came right over and brought a pump and plenty of good advice. I remember feeling so anxious and overwhelmed, and Shannon was able to provide reassurance when I needed it most. In the past four months, she has answered numerous emails and provided countless valuable online resources. I recommend Shannon to anyone who is considering breastfeeding; her services have made the greatest difference in my child's life. Now he is a happy twelve pound bundle of joy! p.s. Those "Milk-Maker" cookies are delicious!"

~ Stephanie, Waxahachie

Testimonials and Success Stories

"I first met Shannon in the hospital after delivering my firstborn. I had read The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding from cover to cover before my son's birth and even brought it with me to consult. I was committed to breastfeeding and thought I knew what I was doing, but we were having a hard time getting started. I wanted to help my baby latch correctly and successfully eat so that I wouldn't feel any pressure to supplement his nourishment with formula. Even though she was very busy with her other nursing duties (I wasn't one of her patients), she took time to answer my questions, teach me proper techniques, and share so much with me of what is obviously her passion. With her help, I was able to relax and love nursing my baby. Books and advice on the internet in no way compare with how helpful just a few minutes in person are with Shannon! We enjoyed Shannon so much that we love to drive from Brenham into College Station whenever we're free to attend her support group. It's always a blessing to spend time with other mothers who value and enjoy nursing their babies, and Shannon has always prepared something fun and educational to share."

~ Mrs. J, Brenham


"We had our daughter's tongue (tie) clipped. It was easy and she was able to nurse right away. In the past two days since, she has been nursing SO much better! I'm almost pain free, and anticipate being completely pain free in a few more days after my nipples have had a little more time to heal. Other than that, the biggest difference is that she is able to empty my breasts more than before, and she does it in less time! I feel like my supply is increasing, and the whole process is much more efficient. I would definitely say your consultation with us was a huge success!!!! Thank you so much for everything. I will definitely be calling you again if we run into any problems in the future."​

~ Mrs. M, College Station

"I was recommended to Shannon by our pediatrician after having trouble getting our baby to latch. Shannon responded to me immediately and was able to quickly diagnose the latching problem and resolve it. She took the time to get to know us by closely observing us in our own environment. Her knowledge and expertise is exactly what I needed as a new and over-whelmed mother. Her combination of professionalism and genuine caring for our experience was exactly what we needed. She went above and beyond to help us to learn to be better parents to our baby. I feel so blessed to have met Shannon."

​~ Mrs. W, Bryan

"I recently contacted Basics for Breastfeeding and made an appointment with Shannon due to difficulties nursing my newborn. My experience with her was wonderful. I was so pleased when my baby's improper latch was resolved at our first meeting with Shannon. This was, no doubt, due to her extensive knowledge regarding breastfeeding and newborns, but also because she was so easy to work with. In addition to being prompt for each one of our meetings, Shannon was pleasant with a calm demeanor and was patient and unbothered while my two toddlers "hovered" over us while she was assisting me with latching my baby. She was very observant, noticing details about my baby's behavior. She was positive, encouraging, and always conscious of my goals regarding breast feeding. It was well worth the money to have Shannon's services and expertise. Now my breast feeding issues are resolved and my baby is thriving. Thank you, Shannon!"

~ Mrs. R, Palestine

"I met Shannon when my twin girls were in the NICU. She was one of their nurses and she helped us through a lot of difficult times. I give her a lot of credit in helping me meet my breastfeeding goals, ... as it was looking pretty bleak for awhile there. Anyway, her support group meetings are a great opportunity to get some support and help from an IBCLC (there are only a few IBCLC's in this area) and they're free! ... I know there are a number of new moms who are breastfeeding so I thought I would let you all know about this great resource."

​~ Jessica, Bryan

"Thank you for all of your help! We greatly appreciate it! My son is doing well eating & growing. God is blessing us each and everyday."

​~ Mrs. J, College Station

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Hebrews 116:13 (ESV)